Frequently Asked Questions

A movement of people who share fundamental ideas and ideals in theory and action for the betterment of Mana Whenua and Papatuanuku.

Yes. Throughout Aotearoa tribal and urban communities.

No. Every active person on the Kaupapa owns the haki. That means, taking an active duty to promote defend and protect the haki against foreign invaders, oppressors, dictators and racists who would attack and oppose Indigenous Peoples.

WE can. We are whanau of Jan Dodson – principal designer. We were inducted by Aunty Jan over a 5-year period to produce the TRT flag consciously and thereafter became her successors in the early 2000s. We’ve spent over 25 years shifting the middle ground thus far.



We said so.

Yes. We know who they are. Please do your research before purchasing from other sites to ensure you are buying from Maori activist operators and/or other endorsed retailers.


Issue a Cease and Desist notice on the proprietor, notify us and we will put the notification on our group and affiliate groups.

WARNING: Be sure that the person, business, group you are preparing to serve the “Cease and Desist” document too is not Maori and not an affiliate to us, check out our retailer’s page and email us if you need our help.

WE have collectively since the early 90’s given TRT product to various occupations and kaupapa events. An addition of a Kaupapa page will be launched as soon as we iron out the kinks! On this platform we will be providing the following;

  • Boosted Kaupapa – Get your kaupapa seen and supported
  • Koha Product Packages for your Kaupapa – on us! Fundraise, give always, re-koha….
  • Heavily discounted rates on our product to Support your Kaupapa
  • Kohi Kohi – Fundraising and Awareness raising options for your Kaupapa
  • Give Us a Hand! – Get your kaupapa supported by influencers and FREE Media packages
  • Support TRT KAUPAPA strategy and planning committee – Special TRT Task Force